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    Address:Qingquan Road, Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park, Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui Province


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    Anhui Jintai Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is a national designated pesticide enterprise. The company's main business is: chemical products, pesticide products production, processing, sales and other businesses. The company's subordinate workshops have automatic powder and liquid packaging workshops, emulsifiable concentrates, Aqueous packaging workshop, airflow, superfine grinding workshop, semi-automatic powder packaging workshop, suspending agent production workshop, granule production workshop, the pesticide formulations produced and processed by the company are: WP (wettable powder), WG (water dispersible granules) ), SP (soluble powder), SL (soluble powder), WS (seed treatment dispersible powder), EC (emulsifiable concentrate), SC (suspension agent), FSC (suspended seed coating agent), EW (water emulsion), ME (microemulsion), AS (aqueous agent), in order to seek sustainable development and continuous innovation, the company builds a first-class modern standard laboratory, introduces first-class technology research and development equipment, and continuously develops and develops optimized products. All Jintai people take "Jintai music" as the goal, keep innovating, adhere to the concept of sustainable development of green and environmental protection as the center, highlight the corporate culture and brand building, and focus on quality through product differentiation. , Characterization, with the development strategy of "I have nothing for others, I have good for others", to achieve global one-stop service for production, processing, sales and after-sales. We are willing to work together for a win-win situation and create a better future!

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